Wednesday, January 2, 2013


so here we are again, another year begins, we reset our calendars and think about how quickly 2012 went by while we promise to spend more time with those closest to us, exercise, climb Kilimanjaro and solve world peace....all before our fabulous three week holiday touring the vineyards of Tuscany :) I'm not cynical, I've come to appreciate the much smaller achievements we can choose to adopt that can truly make 2013 a year to remember. As I have read, "Be the change you want you want to see". We can't wait for the world to change if we don't change first. If we want more love in the world, we must put more love into the world; more peace, put more peace into all our words and deeds; if we want respect, treat others with respect - that is what we as individuals should put at the top of every list of resolutions. Be the love - Be the peace - Be the change -

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